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Baz Hawley is an unbelievably  handsome 39 year old (oops 73 coming up on October 27, 2014), immigrant from England via Australia.  Why Australia?  Because he was sent to the Penal Colony there for 8 years of hard labor for all of his bad jokes!

(This fake mug shot is just another joke you wankers!)
Big Baz  took up running at the sprite old age of 35. Baz ran his first ultra in an attempt to qualify for the Western States 100. He qualified, but only managed 72 miles in the 1981 event. Over the next few years, Baz significantly improved his ultra distance performance by running in the 1984 Western States in less than 24 hours and received the coveted silver belt buckle.  Ultimately he completed four 100 milers, forty 50 milers, sixty 50ks, a handful of 2:50-3 hour marathons, sub 36 minute 10K, ran London to Brighton and completed the 46 mile Grand Canyon Double crossing twice.    
In 1984, Baz used his vast experience to organize his first ultra event In the Cleveland National Forest - the San Juan Trail 50 miler attracting over 200 runners! From there, Baz has organized over 280 trail races in California.  He looks forward to being the RD (Race Director) for the next 20 years in California as well as running Ultras again.

Big Baz's California trail race events over the past 26 years:

     *  Catalina Island 50k/100k
     *  Mule Run 50k
     *  San Juan Trail 50 Miles
     *  San Juan Trail 50k 
     *  Winter Trails Run Series (WTRS)
     *  Summer Trails Run Series (STRS)
     *  Saddleback Trail Marathon
     *  Shadow of the Giants 50K

Big Baz supports and is involved with many other trail race events in Southern & Central California and hopes to continue.  He always appreciates a friendly hug.  Every runner at his races enjoys his pre-race banter, infectious humor and famous "MAGIC" post race raffles.  In turn, Big Baz enjoys introducing newbies to the scenic wonder of his California trails.

To contact Big Baz Hawley email:   bazhawley@sti.net


Baz and his protege: Michelle "Badwater" Barton

Big Baz!

Pictures from Baz's 69th Birthday Party!
(November 27, 2010)

WOW! A billboard birthday greeting for Big Baz! (click to see full size - if you want to read it!)

Michelle Barton, Baz & Bob

Doug Malewicki, Michelle, Baz & Tom

Michelle, Baz & Sierra